At JBeez WaterCraft we offer several models of WaveRunners to choose from. All models are based on the Yamaha 4-Stroke VX110 platform, for quiet and efficient operation. Each WaveRunner we offer features a total of 19 gallons of storage with the two on board compartments. At the front of each WaveRunner there is a large storage area inside the front hood compartment. This is the largest storage area on board, designed for your towels, shoes or other belongings. In front of the seat near your lap, there is a smaller compartment designed for your camera, wallet, or small drink. Although each compartment is designed to be water resistant, we recommend that you keep all valuables inside a dry bag to prevent damage from getting wet.

Each of our WaveRunners also feature a rear swim and boarding platform. This area at the rear of the jet ski is designed with a slight curve to assist in loading and unloading without the need of a boarding step.

As far as performance, the power and handling on our WaveRunners are great! With the deluxe and super deluxe models, you get the full power of the 110hp VX110. This is enough power to quickly get the jet ski on plane, and continue up to a top speed of over 50mph. For the base model, initial power will be considerably less and top speed is reduced to provide a more tame and gentle ride for those who want less power. However, Due to the way power is reduced on the base model machine, we have found that it consumes a little more fuel during operation. That is one of many reasons most people choose the deluxe and super deluxe model WaveRunners.

When it comes to reliability, there isn’t a single WaveRunner made that has the proven track record of the Yamaha VX110. These are the machines of choice for nearly 90% of all rental fleets throughout the country, and also make up the majority of Coast Guard and Police rescue fleets. So when it comes to reliability, rest assured that you are renting a machine that is trusted by thousands of professionals throughout the world. In addition, each of our machines are checked and maintained by our professional certified marine techs prior to your rental, to ensure you have a fun and trouble free day on the lake.

When you rent a WaveRunner from us, we allow you to choose your own lake location for riding. This means that we will deliver the watercraft to any approved marina or commercial ramp on any of the thirteen Tennessee lakes we serve. We do not restrict the area of riding to certain spots on the lake, so you are free to ride and explore at your leisure. Also, for the convenience of guests who are renting for multiple days, we do not require that you return the machine to us each evening. Therefore, if you have a houseboat rented, or are staying at a lake cabin, you can keep the WaveRunner with you throughout your stay. However, please note that our WaveRunners can only be operated in full daylight hours. Under no circumstance can the WaveRunners be used after dark!

Additionally, for your convenience, we can bring your WaveRunner full of fuel, so you don’t have to refill when you return it. This helps you save time and money, and allows you to maximize your time riding.


Our most popular rental machine is the “deluxe” WaveRunner. which is also a Yamaha VX110 Sport. The difference with the deluxe model, is that it is not speed restricted, so riders can enjoy the full speed and power of the VX110. Also due to the increased power, the deluxe model can handle up to three passengers or 528lbs.

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For those who want the best in performance and all of those extra features, the “Super Deluxe” is the way to go. This model is a Yamaha VX110 Deluxe or Cruiser, and includes many additional features not found on the other models.

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If you are looking for speed then you have found it with our “HO” High Output jetski. Capable of carrying 3 passengers this is a great model for some fun loving groups who want to fly around the lake.

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