Damage Waiver Plan

Our WaveRunner Damage Waiver Program is an exclusive program only offered at JBeez WaterCraft. This program is intended to save our customers money in the event their rented jet ski is damaged. This program buys our customers a lot of “leniency”, with those little scuffs and scratches, and also reduces the liability exposure for 99% of other issues our customers face.

Damage occurs more often than you might think, and it frequently happens to those of us who thought, “It will never happen to me” .

Although many people that rent at JBeez return the equipment in great condition, who really wants to take that chance? It is always a great idea to have some protection in the event that an issue does occur. Think of it like borrowing a friends car. You probably drive each day without any issue, but would you really want to take that trip into town knowing you didn’t have any coverage?

Each WaveRunner we rent is valued at close to $10,000, and whithout a damage waiver, you will be completely responsible for damage. Most personal insurance companies exclude coverage for a rented jet ski. This includes most homeowners policies, personal auto policies, etc.

Although you may take the best care of the equipment, sometimes the damage may not be caused by you. For instance, lets say you have the WaveRunner docked at a marina to eat lunch, then while you are inside an inexperienced boater arrives and bumps into the WaveRunner. They damage a section of the fiberglass hull, and before you can find out who they are, they take off through the lake.

Actual Damage

Although this scenario doesn’t happen often, the point is you never know what may happen that will be completely out of your control. Our most common issues are caused by customers trying to dock beside a pontoon boat or houseboat, riding too close to another boat or jet ski, and issues caused by storms.

Because you never know what may happen, we encourage each customer to select the damage waiver program.

With this program, you have two options, the “Standard” damage waiver and the “Premium” damage waiver.

  • With the “Standard” damage waiver, we will cover $1000 of fiberglass hull damage to the watercraft, excluding the security deposit.

    Although this program is designed to help in the event of body damage, there are other areas that will not be covered.

    Below is a list of areas/ items not covered:

    1. Engine / Mechanical Damage
    2. Damaged Seats / Grab Handles / Bumpers / Other Plastic and Trim
    3. Hood / Handlebars
  • With the “Premium” damage waiver, you will also receive a $1000 of coverage, however we extend the coverage to all areas of the jet ski that are not covered under the “Standard” damage waiver.

    Additional cost of $19.95

Please contact your rental specialist for further details on this program.

The current cost for the “Standard” damage waiver is $45.00 / WaveRunner / Session or Day, not to exceed $350.00 per WaveRunner