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Our Fleet of WaveRunners: Sport Models

Our WaveRunners

For the 2005 season we are happy to provide our customers with a great line of Yamaha WaveRunners. These machines are maintenanced each day to provide you with the most reliable fun. Each machine is sized for three people / 528 lbs. and can reach speeds over 50mph. With the 13.2 gallon fuel capacity and 3.1 gallon reserve capacity, each of these machines will provide a lot of fun before refueling. A total of 29.45 gallons of onboard storage area will allow for plenty of room to take your personal belongings with you. Not to mention the front storage cooler to pack your drinks.

Click here to view our "Sport" model specifications.

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Front Storage
The XL 700 is well equipped with plenty of cargo room. This is a photo of one of the front storage areas. There is a storage cooler beneath this front compartment that is insulated in styrofoam to keep your drinks nice and cold.

Rear Storage
This rear cargo area is extra large for all of your towels or other belongings. Sized large enough to hold several adult life vests, this storage compartment should hold almost anything you would need to carry onboard.


The XL 700's powerplant is solid! The 701cc 80 hp twin cylinder engine is one of Yamahas most reliable units. The engine features many safety devices, such as a rev-limiter to keep the engine from over-reving. The engine is equipped with a dual set of carburetors, which provide a crisp throttle response all throughout the rpm range. This machine is the choice for many rescue team and coast guard operations.

Wallet Compartment:

The XL700 is equipped with a special compartment designed for your wallet, keys, or any other small item you may want easy access to. This compartment is located below the handlebars, above the front seat. Please note: these compartments are not water tight. Therefore, you may want to bring a zip lock bag to contain any items you do not want wet.

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